Sobre Nós

N&P Brothers

Guided by solid achievements worldwide and by investing in the right projects, the Pereira brothers’ journey began in 2010 with the foundation of the N&P Brothers brand, having as pillars the Project that represents the brothers’ dream of creating a solid structure of investments, the Process that represents the method and the systematization practices of each sector, the People because they value human relationships, the Particular as a detail-oriented group combined with concepts of exclusivity, luxury and wellbeing, and the Promotion of shared values cross generations, defining their identity and actions.


With its eyes set on a challenging future, N&P Brothers Group aims to consolidate their reputation and notoriety in the market, starting by their clients and other stakeholders recognition by making sustainable investments and a carefully selection of key economic sectors to drive financial growth thus providing steady income streams.
Our Group is fully prepared to embrace any challenge and it can rely on a strong team with professionals with different areas of expertise and execution-focused that are responsible for monitoring each project and bringing together all the areas required to prosper, in the medium and long term, we build the future.



Each member of our organisation works towards a common goal, cooperating with others organically to power the team in order to provide the best service to our clients and business partners and following a great sense of responsibility and willingness to meet their expectations following values such as honesty, loyalty and trust, core to our group’s DNA.


It’s only possible to assure quality services and safe investments like the ones at N&P Brothers Group when you build your company’s culture based on mutually beneficial relationships with business partners, customers and investors thus humanising our brand. We strongly believe that our teams’ cohesion and commitment towards each project is the foundation that make all the difference to an increasingly informed and satisfied community.

The fact that this is a family business means that the entire network of professionals shares the same values ​​such as tolerance, respect and responsibility for providing excellent services, in order to establish relationships based on honesty and trust in which our entire performance is based on.


Associated with the N&P Brothers group, are brands whose reach allows us to have a global and diversified presence, not only in different markets and know-how areas, but also in many other sectors such as product export and commercial operations, active material extraction, diversified investment, and the rehabilitation and renovation of buildings design for tourism purposes, leisure, health and wellbeing sector.


The long-term relations that the N&P Brothers group has been establishing with specialists from the most diverse backgrounds at an international level, ensuring our investors a strong network of premium contacts that can make all the difference in each project’s success, bringing several complementary services such as financial, legal and fiscal advice, minimising the existing risks when dealing with any type of investment.

provide the investor with a network of premium contacts, an essential project for the success of each one, with several complementary financial resources available, legal and fiscal, minimising the risks associated with each type of investment.


We believe in our people and for that reason we create career plans, helping to improve individual growth to every new collaborator that joins N&P family day by day putting together a team of experts motivated to achieve a common goal, driven by the same values ​​as the organisation that encourages sharing, discussion and participation from all members, focusing on people’s needs and not just the end result.