About us

About us

N&P Brothers

Guided by solid achievements worldwide and by investing in the right projects, the Pereira brothers’ journey began in 2010 with the foundation of the N&P Brothers brand, having as pillars the Project that represents the brothers’ dream of creating a solid structure of investments, the Process that represents the method and the systematization practices of each sector, the People because they value human relationships, the Particular as a detail-oriented group combined with concepts of exclusivity, luxury and wellbeing, and the Promotion of shared values cross generations, defining their identity and actions.

As a financial investment Group N&P Brothers does not integrate in the day-to-day management of the companies that it takes part, following a most strategic path and choosing to intervene proactively only at Board of Directors or any other strategic decision-making meetings, thus playing an excellent role in the promotion of international talents and the development of the next generation of excellent business leaders.


With its eyes set on a challenging future, N&P Brothers Group aims to consolidate their reputation and notoriety in the market, starting by their clients and other stakeholders recognition by making sustainable investments and a carefully selection of key economic sectors to drive financial growth thus providing steady income streams.

Our Group is fully prepared to embrace any challenge and it can rely on a strong team with professionals with different areas of expertise and execution-focused that are responsible for monitoring each project and bringing together all the areas required to prosper, in the medium and long term, we build the future.


Each member of our organisation works towards a common goal, cooperating with others organically to power the team in order to provide the best service to our clients and business partners and following a great sense of responsibility and willingness to meet their expectations following values such as honesty, loyalty and trust, core to our group’s DNA.


We can ensure exclusivity and prestigious services also due to our experienced and professional team of specialists who shall give you the suitable guidance and help to navigate your business to a greater height, providing an impartial and relevant advisory service on potential investments, based on rigorous assessments and current market trends.

As a common goal, we have the responsibility to provide interested investors with the most complete and differentiated approach, developed by a group of professionals specialised in the development of luxury business plans, guided by efficiency, excellence, prestige and exclusivity, as has been our prerogative for many years.

Paulo Pereira da Silva


Ramón Limones

Vice – President


South America